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Author Guidelines

The MSC-URAM Conference accepts three types of papers as follows:

  1. Research papers: that are presenting and discussing the latest, and the most profound research results in the scope of MSC-URAM . Papers should describe new contributions in the scope of MSC-URAM and support claims of novelty with citations to the relevant literature.
  2. Technical papers: that are establishing meaningful forum between practitioners and researchers with useful solutions in various fields of Marketing. It includes all kinds of practical applications, which covers principles, projects, missions, techniques, tools, methods, processes etc.
  3. Review papers: that are critically analyzing past and current research trends in the field.

Submitted papers should include at least 8 pages, written with Microsoft Word and sent as (.doc/.docx) files.

Manuscripts submitted to MSC-URAM should not be previously published or be under review by any other publication. The papers can be submitted in English, French or Arabic. Papers written in French or Arabic should have an additional abstract in English. All papers should follow this template.

Submissions will be peer-reviewed by at least two members of the editorial board and, in cases where outside expertise is required, by invited peer reviewers. The papers will be assessed according to two criteria – research content and linguistic consistency. The research content criterion is concerned with the originality, value, significance, quality and relevance.

The linguistic consistency criterion addresses the level of written language and layout of the paper. Papers with lower levels of written language will be proposed for revision and could be conditionally accepted (after correction). Thematic review will decide whether to be accepted or rejected according to the originality, significance for theory and practice, quality of content and presentation of submitted paper.

Papers satisfying both criteria will be considered for acceptance. Papers failing one of the two criteria will be recommended for revision. The feedback results would be emailed to authors no matter the paper is accepted or rejected.

Article statistics:

MSC provide authors with statistics about reading & downloading their papers. All stats are displayed on each article abstract page.

For more details or questions:

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